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While real estate agents frequently encourage buyers to have a video sewer inspection prior to closing on a new home, there are several important reasons sellers should consider having the sewer line inspected prior to putting a home up for sale. Below are just a few of the potential benefits to homeowners.

No Surprises

The last thing any seller wants is complications when selling a property. It’s already difficult to coordinate the sale of one property and purchase of another without adding unnecessary problems to the mix. Every time a sale is delayed, the odds for additional complications are multiplied. In this case, time is money, and every day lost can create problems for everyone involved. Having a sewer line inspected for problems before listing reduces the potential for delays in the closing process.

Minimize Any Repair Expenses

When a problem is discovered later in the sale process, usually by a buyer’s inspector, any repairs must be completed rapidly to satisfy the buyers and their mortgage provider. On the other hand, if a problem is resolved prior to listing a property, the owner has an opportunity to explore different options for repairs, often being able to save money in the process since the repairs don’t have to be rushed. In addition, the homeowner can then provide evidence any sewer line issues were properly repaired.

Don’t Lose a Good Buyer

In some cases, once a qualified buyer becomes aware of a sewer line problem, they will simply walk away from the purchase rather than dealing with the issues related to repairing a sewer line. Even though modern trenchless repair techniques make it possible to avoid significant damage to landscaping and hardscaping features, buyers simply move on to another home without similar issues. If that happens, sellers are back to square one and have to start looking for another buyer rather than getting on with their lives in a new home.

Avoid Potential Legal Actions

Even if the sale closes, problems can arise later if the buyers experience a problem with the sewer line. Depending on the situation, the buyers may contend the sellers did, or should have, known a problem existed and sue for compensation. Even if the sellers win in court, the defense costs are always going to be significant. It’s far better to eliminate a potential issue. A video sewer inspection is relatively inexpensive and will show the existence of a problem, giving sellers a chance to fix the issue. In the event no problem exists, the video record will protect the seller later.

Video inspections are relatively inexpensive, meaning they provide a low risk method to protect home sellers from potential issues developing later in the selling process. The contractor providing the video inspection inserts a camera in the sewer line and feeds the camera through the pipe. In the event an issue is discovered, the equipment allows the inspector to locate the exact position of the problem.

The inspection also makes it possible to identify the extent of any damage present, meaning the contractor can provide repair options that are the most cost effective and least disruptive to the property.

Taking care of a sewer line problem early is far and away the easiest option for home sellers interested in having a smooth selling experience. While there is a modest cost involved for the inspection, having it done provides homeowners with the knowledge nothing is wrong or gives them an opportunity to resolve the issue before it complicates a sale.

Make The Right Choice

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