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Homeowners dread sewer backups, and with good reason. The toilets won’t flush, bathtubs won’t drain, and there may even be raw sewage flooding a basement or bathroom.

Sewer line issues can be easy to access or, in many cases, difficult to locate and even harder to clear. Professionals can readily clear clogs located close to a drain point, but stubborn clogs located in lines running from the home to a main sewer line or septic tank can be far more problematic. That’s where a video sewer inspection comes into play.
When Are Video Sewer Inspections Important?

There are several scenarios where it pays to contract a professional to provide a video inspection of a suspect sewer line. They include:

  • Checking the condition of sewer lines that seem to plug frequently. A properly constructed line in good condition will rarely exhibit any problems.
  • When purchasing a home, especially an older home. Repairing or replacing aging sewer lines is expensive, and knowing about an issue prior to signing any purchase papers can save homebuyers a great deal of money.
  • If valuable items like wedding rings are accidently lost, and it’s suspected they may have found their way down the drain. A video inspection of the sewer line may allow the recovery of the lost object.

Of course, there are other times when contacting a professional for a video sewer line inspection would be prudent. If in doubt, contact a professional to see if the occasion warrants a video inspection.
What Advantages Do Video Sewer Line Inspections Offer?

Obviously, knowing where a blockage is and understanding the cause of a blockage are important when repairs are needed. Sewer lines can be quite long, meaning locating a specific problem area could be difficult. Arguably more important, the homeowner and sewer line repair professional must fully understand the type of problem present if effective repair strategies are to be employed.

Typically, sewer line cleaning services use devices that cut through blockages to clear a sewer line. While that resolves the issues temporarily, there are situations where the problem will quickly redevelop if the actual cause of the blockage is not properly addressed.

Today, video cameras inserted into a sewer line allow sewer repair professionals to quickly identify problems so those issues can be properly repaired, eliminating repeated, costly sewer line clearing service calls.
The cameras used by top experts not only allow the identification of issues in a sewer line, they also transmit a signal allowing the experts to pinpoint the exact location of the problem area. That means any digging needed to repair an issue is limited, eliminating unnecessary damage to landscaping or hardscaping elements in a yard.
Is the Process Expensive?

Although a video sewer inspection isn’t necessarily cheap, it is far less costly than some of the options used in the past. Since every situation is different, it’s always to a good idea to contact a professional for advice and price quotes. The length of a sewer line, for example, can affect the cost of the service, so there is not really a set price for the service.
There are some companies that advertise low rates for video inspections, but use caution as some companies do not use quality equipment that provides quality images or locating abilities. The best option is to contact a professional and discuss a specific situation and what their services entail before contracting any services. Contact SewerTechs at 888-213-7656 and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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